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Perform Stock Valuations within Seconds

Have you ever wanted to know how much a stock would be worth if it hit its growth projections? Or how much might be left for shareholders in a liquidation? We have built some simple but effective Stock Valuation tools to allow you to automatically generate share valuations across a range of different methodologies. Whether you prefer to compare valuations of stocks relatively against their peers, use discounted cash flow valuations or asset based balance sheet valuations, Stockopedia ensures that you have the important bases covered.

Get rid of Spreadsheets and Save yourself Time

www.stockopedia.com/valuation/ Do you spend hours manually entering financial statements into spreadsheets? By automating the valuation process, we save you hours of research time so that you can focus on what matters most: making well informed decisions and searching for new investments.

Edit Key model Assumptions

www.stockopedia.com/valuation/ Most valuation methods rely on a certain number of key assumptions which have a big impact on the resulting output. The choice of growth figures, discount rates and other inputs massively changes the resulting valuation. By providing the ability to edit these assumptions you can better understand the sensitivity and upside or downside potential inherent in your stocks.

Cash Flow, Asset Based and Relative Valuations

We provide a growing range of investment valuation tools and the educational resources to make sense of the jargon. Just some of the valuation tools we provide include:

  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Valuations
  • Benjamin Graham's Rule of Thumb
  • Benjamin Graham's Net Nets and Liquidation Models
  • Earnings Power Valuations
  • Peer Group Relative Valuations

Normally the preserve of the financial elites, these tools can quickly let you assess your Margin of Safety before making a purchase decision. Be a smart investor and ensure you make your money on the buy - Sign up to Stockopedia and reap the benefits.

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